Human resources development strategy

Despite the many challenges, the secret to over seven decades of success for this tourism-trading company really lies in our employees, who maintain the Group's standards at the highest level through their hard work, continuous education and in line with leading world trends. This is further confirmed by the award for Best Employer in 2015, which Jadranka received thanks to the ratings of its employees.

Jadranka Group has over 700 full-time and fixed-term (longer term) employees. Given the seasonal nature of the business, the Group employs around 700 seasonal workers, making it the largest employer on the islands of Lošinj and Cres. The key values that Jadranka Group encourages with its employees are excellence, honesty, reliability, consistency, friendliness and teamwork.

Our highly educated staff and their advanced knowledge of and skills in the hotel, hospitality and trade industries are key to the specialized service we provide in all of our facilities. Considering the current situation on the labour market and the difficulties that the hotel industry is faced with across the country, one of our priorities is to ensure the best possible quality of life for our seasonal workers; ensuring quality and adequate accommodation for employees. At the same time, we want to provide our employees with a stimulating working environment and our island community as a socially and environmentally responsible partner.

We put extraordinary efforts into developing a positive working atmosphere, continuous improvement of our employees, the enhancement of the working conditions and complying with the collective agreement. We are blazing a trail where labour and contentment are intertwined. What makes us special is that we want to develop a long-term story, so we want people who will stay on the island and enter full-time employment with excellent conditions.

We encourage our workers through all the stages, from scholarships to employment, we track their salaries, results and satisfaction, we improve their skills and educate them with the aim of career development. In addition to the contracted remuneration for performed work (which also includes salary supplements for work on Sundays, holidays, split working hours and other collective bargaining rights), work clothes and footwear, Jadranka Group, as an employer, ensures accommodation and meals (without salary reduction) for seasonal employees who are not residents of the islands. The costs of health examinations and transportation are also reimbursed.

Strong emphasis is placed on the education and training of employees held throughout the year, which brings in a high level of guest satisfaction, and is also our duty according to the 5* star level of hospitality and services we offer. Training and education of employees is organized through in-house workshops, practical training courses and theoretical lectures held by our internal and external experts. Millions are invested annually in employee education.

For employees who stand out for the quality of their work, their contribution, and their attitude towards work, there are opportunities for promotion through further learning and taking on more complex jobs (promotion).


What can we offer employees?

·         Work in an innovative and stimulating environment

·         Acquiring experience with experienced and expert mentors

·         Continuous annual group training in all departments

·         Specific individual training (butler, concierge, sommelier...)

·         Joining the loyalty program

·         Possibility of permanent employment

·         Career development directed towards specialist manager positions

·         Support in further formal education (university degree, master's degree and the like)


In Jadranka Group we especially appreciate the drive, the knowledge and the experience of every employee. So, if you...

·         are ambitious and innovative,

·         are dedicated to work and yearn for challenges,

·         are independent and responsible,

·         are reliable and consistent,

·         are outgoing and love team work,

join the successful team of Jadranka Group Mali Lošinj!