Human resources strategy

Human resources strategy in Jadranka Group encompasses planning, recruitment, employment, quality training and education, system of monitoring and rewarding, permanent professional education and staff promotion.

Training and education activities are organized through the in-house workshops organized by both, our specialists and external experts, in form of practical trainings and lectures. 

At 31 December 2015, Jadranka d.d. and its subsidiaries had 510 permanent employees and 222 long-term temporary employees. Considering the seasonal nature of its business, the Group also employs around 700 seasonal staff during the season, mostly in the hotel business, which makes it number one employer on the island.

The main goal of the human resources strategy is to satisfy and motivate our employees, guests and customers and furthermore operate in line with the plan. 

Prepared action plans emphasise the importance of education and creation of a special training department.

In years to come the new generations of employees will be trained and educated under guidance of internationally renowned experts, additionally proving the valuable employment culture of the company.

Values we tend to promote

The company and its staff believe in and represent a set of values, together creating a corporate structure of the company. To simplify things, a corporate culture stands for «the way we do things in our company». Development of a strong corporate structure is important for many reasons because it:

  • Encourages sense of common identity
  • Encourages belief in community
  • Contributes to a stability of the company as a social system
  • Serves as a reference frame for the «company's» behaviour

Development of a strong corporate culture of Jadranka Group, based on the premises of the company's business mission and elaborated business concepts – specialized, socially responsible company, orientated towards a customer with the package arrangement offer – makes it easier for the company to achieve a competitive advantage within the society. 

Elements of corporate culture of Jadranka Group:

  • We are socially responsible company: towards our environment, local community and its employees
  • We are a specialist for healthy life offer
  • We bring the customer to the fore
  • We offer the "experience of Lošinj"