ISO 50001

As intensive providers of complete hotel services, our hotels and restaurants strive to continuously reduce energy consumption and costs along with the long-term environmental and economic sustainability of our business.

We are dedicated and focused on:

·         reducing hotel guests' energy costs by 20% per overnight stays by the end of 2020,

·         continuous improvement of our energy efficiency,

·         reducing dependence on fossil fuels and introducing renewable energy sources,

·         responsible water use,

·         securing the information and resources necessary to achieve our goals,

·         meeting legal and other requirements related to the use of energy and energy efficiency, 

·         development, procurement and use of energy-efficient establishments, facilities, equipment and other products and services,

·         synergistic action and development planning with the local community.

We will pursue this policy by meeting the requirements of the ISO 50001 international standard, with particular emphasis on implementing:

·         action plans for improving energy efficiency, and

·         training to achieve and maintain the awareness and skills of our employees at all organizational levels.

On 31 October 2016 in Mali Lošinj

Board member of Jadranka hoteli d.o.o.
Goran Filipović