Mission, Vision and Strategic Goals

M i s s i o n


To be the top destination on the Adriatic

famous for its superior and unique service

specialized in healthy holidays!


With the aim of continually satisfying the needs of our clients, owners and local communities, our mission is to be recognized for providing a modern integrated product in tourism, reflecting our orientation toward healthy living, our personalized customer service and our Lošinj heritage. At the same time, we provide our employees with a stimulating working environment and with our island community as a socially and environmentally responsible partner.


Bearing in mind the mission of the company, Jadranka d.o.o. is in the process of introducing a qualitative and quantitative growth strategy with the aim to ensure the future growth of its business efficiency, in general by providing the best healthy vacation experience on the Adriatic and focusing on the guest, accompanied by a leading position in health tourism.


While being committed to and persistent in:

• creating products and services with a 'healthy living' identity intended for customers with higher expectations

• providing personalized service by putting the focus on the customer

• preserving the permanent values of the local community's space and heritage

• our responsibility of being one of the drivers of the local community's economic development

• continuous education of our own staff and securing a stimulating working atmosphere.



V i s i o n


To be a desirable employer and a role model

for creating unique products and services,

taking into account all the distinctive features of the destination!



The full utilization of all our potential is seen, above all, in the new philosophy that will further the development of Jadranka d.o.o., in building competitive advantage with a strong and recognizable market positioning, the culture within the company, and creating a positive experience together with our guests. We are focusing on further efforts to preserve the extraordinary natural environment of Lošinj. These are the key ideas that shape existing company products and services, as well as new development projects which we will implement independently or in partnership. In seeking a qualitatively higher market position in its future development, Jadranka d.d. will no longer be satisfied only with getting to know the guest and their expectations. It will strive to go beyond this and surprise with innovation and creativity in every business segment.


To be the most innovative organization in Istria and Kvarner in all its activities, renowned all over the world, and recognized in Croatia for applying best available practices and respecting the principles of environmental protection.


With this in mind, Jadranka Group:

• in the field of tourism - provides the best experience of a healthy holiday in the Adriatic

• in the field of trade - always provides a good selection of items, carefully selected according to the needs of different customers

• in the field of food - introduces a healthy diet to its own catering industry



S t r a t e g i c  g o a l s

i n  t h e  c o m i n g  y e a r s


What follows is more than EUR 200 million of investments in the construction

of new hotels and villas, as well as an airport and a golf course.

Employment and scholarships for more than two hundred

employees, full-time and seasonal.

Construction of hotels for seasonal employees

and apartments for full-time employees.

Development of health and winter tourism

and extension of the season.