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Since its establishment in 1947 to date, Jadranka d.d. has continuously operated primarily as a hotel company, which is now among the most successful companies in the Croatian hotel industry. It has developed organically and continued to record qualitative and quantitative growth in its hotel division, but also responded to any newly arisen needs and circumstances and developed in other areas, especially in wholesale and retail.

Pursuant to the Privatization Act, Jadranka d.d. became a stock company in September of 1992. Its employees, former employees and local residents became its majority shareholders. According to its employee stock ownership plan (ESOP), minority shareholders and employees now hold a controlling share in the company.

To enhance its operating efficiency and facilitate further growth, in 2004 Jadranka d.d. became a holding company with a 100% share in Jadranka hoteli d.o.o., Jadranka kampovi d.o.o. and Jadranka trgovina d.o.o., each incorporated as a limited liability company.

In 2008, the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development became a shareholder in Jadranka hoteli holding 31.64% of the company's shares, and Kamp Slatina was demerged from Jadranka kampovi, however, Jadranka d.d. continued to hold 62.5% of Kamp Slatina.

During February 2014, Jadranka Group went through the huge ownership change. The main owner (97.62%) became Beta Investments Ltd. Beta investments is limited liability company, established for a purpose of investing in tourism projects in the Mediterranean. It is founded in 2012, and it is owned by Russia's UK Promsvyazbank. Open Joint-Stock Company Promsvyazbank (PSB) is one of Russia's leading privately owned banks, successfully operating since 1995. PSB is a universal financial services provider engaged in commercial banking, retail banking, private banking, investment banking, and SME banking. Promsvyaz Capital B.V. owns 88.25% stake in the bank, 11.75% - the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.

Jadranka hoteli d.o.o. owns and operates six hotels and numerous small villas in three separate and separately positioned hotel zones in Mali Lošinj and Veli Lošinj. Jadranka kampovi d.o.o. and Kamp Slatina d.o.o. operate four campsites on the islands of Lošinj and Cres. Jadranka trgovina d.o.o. engages in wholesale and retail and also includes a central food preparation facility. The holding company itself performs key business functions and is primarily focused on asset management, including the management of shares and assets assigned to other users, and on launching various investment projects.

Ever since it was established, Jadranka d.d. has been the largest enterprise of the Cres-Lošinj archipelago, providing employment to mostly local residents, and has remained one of the main development drivers in the region. It is a tourism and retail market leader in the archipelago.

At the end of 2015, Jadranka d.d. and its subsidiaries had over 500 permanent employees (at 31 December 2015, Jadranka d.d. and its subsidiaries had 510 permanent employees and 222 long-term temporary employees). Considering the seasonal nature of its business, the Group also employs around 700 seasonal staff during the season, mostly in the hotel business. Jadranka d.d. uses its best efforts to raise the levels of knowledge and skills of its employees by providing different forms of training, including workshops and seminars.


Jadranka Group comprises the following companies where Jadranka d.d. holds a share in excess of 50%:

  • Jadranka hoteli d.o.o., Mali Lošinj, hotel business, share 100%
  • Jadranka kampovi d.o.o., Mali Lošinj, hotel business, share 100%
  • Jadranka trgovina d.o.o., Mali Lošinj, retail and wholesale, share 100%
  • Marine Medical Center d.o.o., Mali Lošinj, health tourism, share 100 %
  • Kamp Slatina d.o.o. Mali Lošinj, share 62,5%
  • Yacht Club Velopin d.o.o., share 70%

The companies where Jadranka d.d. has a share below 50%:
  • Jadranka Yachting d.o.o., chartering, share 30%
  • Lošinj International Airport d.o.o., Mali Lošinj, transport, share 31,08%

Since 1995 "Radio Lošinj radio Jadranka" operates as a part of Jadranka with its frequency for the local area.

In the years to come, the development strategy of Jadranka d.d. will focus on growth based on product and service quality improvement, but also on its potential to implement new development projects.

JADRANKA JSC Hotels and Commerce, Dražica 1, 51550 Mali Lošinj, Republic of Croatia

Commercial Court of Rijeka, CRN 040027578, tax number: 3054578, personal identification number 70741052040

Account with Erste & Steiermärkische bank JSC Rijeka HR2724020061100387039.

Share capital 1.063.472.000,00 kn paid in full. Number of shares 1.063.472, nominal value 1.000,00 kn

Management Board: Sanjin Šolić - chairman, Nina Garić  Saganić - member, Goran Filipović - member, Marko Lukičić - member

President of the Supervisory Board NO Krešimir Filipović