Jadranka d.d.

Jadranka d.d. generates revenue through the management of a holding company and real estate leasing. The parent company provides its affiliated companies with services in the fields of accounting and IT support, financial policy services, human resources, business and management consulting services in the fields of investment and other fields, and mediation and representation services.


Basic information

Company name: Jadranka d.d. Hotels and Trade

Short company name: Jadranka d.d.

Company seat: Dražica 1, 51550 Mali Lošinj, Republic of Croatia

Registered in the court register of the Commercial Court in Rijeka,

Business number: 040027578, tax number: 3054578, VAT: 70741052040.

Account number: ERSTE&STEIERMÄRKISCHE BANK d.d., Rijeka, IBAN: HR2724020061100387039 

Share capital amounts to HRK 1.396.442.000,00 paid in full; number of shares 1.396.442 nominal value HRK 1,000.00.

Management board: Sanjin Šolić

Chairman of the Supervisory board: Krešimir Filipović